M3 Seminar Ticket – London Feb. 12-13 2022


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Experience the Modern Methods of Mobility in person – taught by Emmet Louis and Isaac Lucksted. In this two day seminar, you’ll be introduced to both the practical side of the system and the theory underpinning the development of exceptional flexibility in the adult body.

It is suitable for anyone wanting to learn about flexibility, and will be beneficial both for novice and dedicated practitioners of all kinds of disciplines requiring extraordinary flexibility, as well as trainers and coaches thereof. This seminar has no flexibility requirements, as all exercises have suitable progressions and regressions to cover a wide range of flexibility levels.  You can learn more about M3 Seminars here ›

Due to COVID-related issues, this seminar has been canceled.

Event Details
  • February 12-13 2022 (rescheduled from December 11-12 2021)
  • At Local Motion Movement – Planet Organic – Wandsworth, 52 Garratt Ln, London SW18 4FT, United Kingdom
  • What to bring: Unrestrictive athletic clothing, water bottle, and low profile athletic shoes

With international travel restrictions changing rapidly, we understand it is difficult to plan ahead. To shed some light on our terms regarding Covid-19, please read our following measures to ensure a safe and fair handling of the global situation.

Covid safety at the Seminar

At the seminar, we will ask for proof of vaccination or a negative test result. We will also ask everyone attending to take as much care as possible before the intensive, to ensure a safe and fun environment. The space will be disinfected, and we ask people to adhere to the regular hygiene guidelines that have been in place for the last 18 months.

Travel & Covid

Planning travel amidst Covid-19 is full of questions, and we will do our best to handle all coming changes in restrictions, travel and health advice as fair as possible. First of all, we ask everyone planning to attend to check with your travel insurance beforehand, in which cases you would be able to claim a refund of the seminar fee, as well as your travel costs.

In regards to our own policy, we will refund the full course fee if a) you are unable to travel due to travel restrictions. This does NOT include a possible quarantine upon return to your home country – please factor this in to your travel plans. or b) due to medical conditions (such as Covid), or restricting your movements due to a close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case.

For this, we will ask for proof of the restrictions in place/a letter from your doctor or similar, as well as a letter from your insurance if they do not refund the seminar fee.

We cannot offer any refunds on travel costs. If you cannot attend the seminar due to a cancelled flight, we ask you to rebook your travel (your travel insurance should cover this), as we will not be able to refund your course fee because of this.

In case we have to cancel due to restrictions in the seminars location, all course fees will of course be refunded. For this reason, we also ask you not to book your travel until closer to date, when we send out full confirmation of the events.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this event.