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Flexibility Foundations – Lower Body2022-11-12T00:02:26+00:00

Loosen up your hips, knees, and ankles with Flexibility Foundations – Lower Body.  Using novel stimulus and unique methods, the M3 system will lengthen your hamstrings, open your hip flexors, release your calves, and condition your ankles.

Flexibility Foundations
Lower Body

  • 12-18 months of programming

  • 29 video tutorials & 13 lectures

  • 11 Chapters of written reference material

  • 3 Self assessment modules

  • 8 program templates

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Flexibility Foundations
Lower Body at a Glance

  • 12-18 months of programming

  • 29 video tutorials & 13 lectures

  • 11 Chapters of written reference material

  • 3 Self assessment modules

  • 8 program templates

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Loosen up your lower body!

What You Get

Access the Flexibility Foundations – Lower Body online program in our Members Area.  Unlike other online programs, which often end up being just a few YouTube videos or a DIY Excel Spreadsheet – with M3 you get desktop and mobile optimized online programs with video tutorials, lectures and written reference material.  And for ease of access at the gym, you can download interactive PDFs of the training templates which link to the online exercise library videos.

Not Just for Beginners

Build strong ‘foundations’ for advanced flexibility training.  Unlike other online programs, Flexibility Foundations not only frees up restrictions within daily tasks, but also teaches methods used to achieve extraordinary feats of flexibility.

So even if you’re quite active, pretty bendy, or a more advanced practitioner – these programs contain a variety of novel techniques that can enhance your own training, as well as filling any gaps in your basics.

What You’ll Train

Mobilize every major joint in your lower body, free up sticking points in your flexibility, and gain nuanced control of your hips and legs.

  • 1 full lower body warm-up

  • 8 mobilizations for the hips

  • 9 hinging movements

  • 4 hip and back extension drills

  • 7 ankle exercises

  • 13 lectures discussing nuances of the programs

  • 11 chapters of theory and practical application of the program material

  • 3 self assessment modules to benchmark your progress

What Makes M3 Different?

The M3 System avoids the dogma of other training methods by taking bigger picture view of flexibility development and reconciling all the conflicting information about correct flexibility training. It focuses on finding what works for the person doing the training versus having a one size fits all approach. We believe strongly that anybody can develop exceptional flexibility with the right combination of correct methods and consistent training.

You can learn more about the philosophy and nuances of the Modern Methods of Mobility here:


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  • Lifetime access

  • Free updates

Why is this program only for the lower body?2022-07-15T19:34:58+01:00

Due to your training background and particular athletic goals, you might want to focus on developing mobility in your lower body.  Many disciplines develop very sport-specific ranges of motion in legs and hips, but few develop comprehensive flexibility below the waist.

Focusing a program on just the lower body has also enabled us to make a deeper, more comprehensive program than other full-body mobility online programs.  That said, we do also have an Upper Body program that can be combined to address total body range of motion development.  If you’re interested in training both, you can save over 20% through buying the Complete Flexibility Foundations Bundle.


What equipment is required?2023-07-04T15:59:47+01:00

Our programs do make use of light dumbbells, dowels, exercise bands, and other equipment that is generally found in most gyms.  Open floorspace, slick floor/sliders, and soft ground/mats are also needed.  If you are training at home there are suggested modifications for exercises that use weightlifting equipment.

I have chronic pain/some nagging injuries. Can I still train the M3 programs?2023-07-12T23:49:21+01:00

There are a variety of levels within our programs assigned by the results of the program self assessments.  We recommend that you train the level you can perform without pain, which might change depending on the state of your body.  While everyone’s physical state is unique, hopefully over time you level-up through our programs and your pain becomes more manageable.  If any particular exercise causes pain, you are always welcome to modify the program by training an earlier progression or skipping it entirely.

Can I incorporate M3 Programs into my current training regiment?2023-07-12T23:49:12+01:00

Yes, we discuss how to include the M3 Programs into your current training routine. We discuss a variety of ways to accommodate busy schedules, avoiding overtraining, and keep you from compromising your other fitness goals to incorporate our programming.

Are there prerequisites for M3 online programs?2022-07-15T18:30:06+01:00

Nope, these programs are for anyone looking to become more mobile! All exercises in our programs are scalable to individual capabilities.

Loosen Up Your Lower Body!

Improve your everyday mobility, fill in common gaps and weaknesses in your ranges of motion, and learn the methods for achieving extraordinary flexibility.

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