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Front Splits2024-05-29T18:39:35+01:00

Dream of dropping into the splits?

Get all the tools you’ll need to achieve the square-hip front split.  With progressive programming that addresses individual sticking points in both hip flexion and hip extension, our Front Splits online program will systematically increase your split depth whether you’re just starting out or trying to drop those last couple inches to the ground.

Front Splits

  • 12-24 months of programming

  • 26 video tutorials & 12 lectures

  • 15 chapters of written reference material

  • 4 self assessment modules

  • 16 program templates

  • No prerequisites

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Front Splits

  • 12-24 months of programming

  • 26 video tutorials & 12 lectures

  • 15 chapters of written reference material

  • 4 self assessment modules

  • 16 program templates

  • No prerequisites

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Get the Splits!

Front Splits For All

Our front splits online program isn’t some gimmicky one-size-fits-all 30 day routine.  We understand that adults come into flexibility training with a variety of training backgrounds, physical capabilities, and genetic predispositions. So we crammed our program with 16 training templates to help you address your unique limitations to achieving the front splits. Through a series of benchmarks, you will find the perfect program template to meet you where your current abilities are.

So whether you’ve never seriously stretched before or you’re a former gymnast looking to relive your flexible youth, Front Splits by M3 will meet you where YOU are at and bring you to that final touchdown in the front split.

Don’t take our word for it, here are the results of dedicated front splits training under the Modern Methods of Mobility:

What You Get

Access the Front Splits online program in our Members Area.  Unlike other online programs, which often end up being just a few YouTube videos or a DIY Excel Spreadsheet – with M3 you get desktop and mobile optimized online programs with video tutorials, lectures and written reference material.  And for ease of access at the gym, you can download interactive PDFs of the training templates which link to the online exercise library videos.

Unlock Your Front Splits

How You’ll Get the Splits

The front split can be developed directly or indirectly. The direct path involves training just the split until it touches down; the indirect path works the separate components of the split in isolation and then puts them all together.  Our program focuses mainly on the indirect path, as we have found this method addresses all the weak areas that cause plateaus. That said, we have also include all the information you need for success with the direct method.

Hip Flexion
If your hamstrings are limiting your split, improving this range might be all you need! We’ve even gone beyond and snuck in some head-to-toe training in this section, a pre-requisite for the standing split.

  • 2 lower leg exercises

  • 3 deep hip muscle exercises

  • 3 active hip flexion drills

  • 4 hamstring flexibility movements

  • 2 head-to-toe variations

  • 7 program templates

Hip Extension
Does your back leg feel stuck lunging into your split? You progress could be limited not by your hamstrings, but rather your ability to open your back hip!  Improving this range will also lighten the load on your lowback and hamstrings.

  • 3 long lunge variations

  • 2 quad focused stretches

  • 2 active hip extension drills

  • 5 program templates

Direct Front Split Programming
Have great hip flexion and extension but still can’t touch down? At this point your body might just need more exposure to the front split itself to build strength and confidence in the shape.  We’ve provided a variety of novel front split variations that each provide a unique stimulus, which can help you get those last few degrees and reach the ground.

  • 5 front split variations

  • 4 program templates

What Makes M3 Different?

The M3 System avoids the dogma of other training methods by taking bigger picture view of flexibility development and reconciling all the conflicting information about correct flexibility training. It focuses on finding what works for the person doing the training versus having a one size fits all approach. We believe strongly that anybody can develop exceptional flexibility with the right combination of correct methods and consistent training.

You can learn more about the philosophy and nuances of the Modern Methods of Mobility here:

“Front splits is feeling confident. It’s feeling stronger than ever. The leg lifting, flossing work and calf stretching is working well.”
– Alex

“Front splits is feeling confident. It’s feeling stronger than ever. The leg lifting, flossing work and calf stretching is working well.”
– Alex



  • One-time purchase

  • Lifetime access

  • Free updates

I’m a complete beginner, is this program too advanced for me?2022-11-23T20:03:33+00:00

Not at all! Our Front Splits program has no prerequisites. Through our self assessment tools, progressive programming, and component-focused approach to obtaining the front split, your training routine will be accessible to your current ability level and reliably improve your range of motion.

I’m already close to getting my front splits, do I need this program?2023-04-03T22:11:40+01:00

Depends! You likely could keep grinding away and eventually achieve the front splits.  But if you have plateaued, our unique approach to flexibility programming will quickly identify the missing link keeping you from progressing.  We’re also confident that our programming phases that meet you at your current level could get you to that touchdown a bit quicker.

I have chronic pain/some nagging injuries. Can I still train the M3 programs?2023-07-12T23:49:21+01:00

There are a variety of levels within our programs assigned by the results of the program self assessments.  We recommend that you train the level you can perform without pain, which might change depending on the state of your body.  While everyone’s physical state is unique, hopefully over time you level-up through our programs and your pain becomes more manageable.  If any particular exercise causes pain, you are always welcome to modify the program by training an earlier progression or skipping it entirely.

Can I incorporate M3 Programs into my current training regiment?2023-07-12T23:49:12+01:00

Yes, we discuss how to include the M3 Programs into your current training routine. We discuss a variety of ways to accommodate busy schedules, avoiding overtraining, and keep you from compromising your other fitness goals to incorporate our programming.

What equipment is required?2023-07-04T15:59:47+01:00

Our programs do make use of light dumbbells, dowels, exercise bands, and other equipment that is generally found in most gyms.  Open floorspace, slick floor/sliders, and soft ground/mats are also needed.  If you are training at home there are suggested modifications for exercises that use weightlifting equipment.

Are there prerequisites for M3 online programs?2022-07-15T18:30:06+01:00

Nope, these programs are for anyone looking to become more mobile! All exercises in our programs are scalable to individual capabilities.

Want Side Splits Too?
Save With Our Splits Bundle

Get both our Side Splits and Front Splits programs together!

Everything You Get With The Splits Bundle

  • 2 Complete Online Programs

  • 12-24 months of training per program

  • 62 video tutorials & 15 lectures

  • 18 chapters of written reference material

  • 9 self assessment modules

  • 29 program templates

  • No prerequisites

Train them together to touchdown with both your front and side splits!

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