M3 Seminars are back in Europe!

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M3 Seminars are back in Europe!

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About the Modern Methods of Mobility System

Modern Methods of Mobility is a system of flexibility development aimed at the adult body. The main focus of the system is on delivering a concise and direct path to developing all aspects of flexibility while synergistically enhancing strength and body control. The system started with the question “why are common flexibility methods not giving me results?” If you have ever felt the same way, then this method will give you the answers you seek.

The M3 system has been developed by Emmet Louis over the last ten years in the laboratory of the human body. Combining assessment systems, foundational principles, exercise progressions and regressions, the system is a total range of motion development syllabus either designed to stand alone or work in synergy with your sport or activity.

These factors combine to present a comprehensive, highly diverse and practical flexibility development system that is based around the needs and goals of the individual, and leading to long term changes in the adult body that are both safe and effective.

Whether you are searching to develop extraordinary flexibility yourself, or are looking for a flexibility development method that is applicable to your clients and students, M3 has what you are looking for.

The M3 Team

Emmet Louis

Emmet Louis is the founder of the Modern Methods of Mobility system, as well as co-owner of Motion Impulse, the producing company behind the brand. After years of research and experimentation, and using the system with his students and clients, Emmet has now formalised the M3 system in a way that makes it applicable to anyone wanting to achieve extraordinary flexibility, and to those that want to use these methods with their own clients. He acts as head coach for the M3 online coaching, and develops and writes all M3 online programs. He also continues to teach the Modern Methods of Mobility seminars internationally.

Isaac Lucksted

Isaac is the first certified M3 coach, having undergone an internship with Emmet Louis in coaching and specifically the Modern Methods of Mobility system. He works as Emmets right hand in all things coaching, and looks after the M3 focussed online coaching. Isaac also assists in the Modern Methods of Mobility weekend seminars.

Elise Missall

Elise is the founder and co-owner of Motion Impulse, the company producing the Modern Methods of Mobility programs with Emmet. As well as producing, Elise shows up as a model in the programs, co-edits the program manuals and runs the social media channels. She looks after all the administration on the backend of M3, including the seminar and event coordination. She has also been co-presenting the Modern Methods of Mobility seminar with Emmet since 2015.

Charles St. John

Charles is the marketing jack-of-all-trades for Modern Methods of Mobility. With parkour as his foundational practice, Charles expanded his horizons into a multitude of niche fitness modalities where he found Emmet and the M3 system to be an integral part of improving his flexibility and athleticism. Joining the M3 team, Charles is uniting his years of web development, marketing, and design experience with his passion for fitness.

Sophie Missall

Sophie is Head of Design and our Social Media Manager at Motion Impulse. She has been with us since 2016, and after shaping our various brands we are proud to have her being part of Modern Methods of Mobility. She has specialized in handwritten typography and looks over our branding and general aesthetics. At the moment she lives in Berlin and studies business communication. Like all of us, she has a passion for flexibility and movement. She trains with Emmet and does pole dancing on the side.

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