Achieve Extraordinary Flexibility

Comprehensive mobility and range of motion programs
based on the Modern Methods of Mobility system.

Comprehensive mobility and range of motion programs based on the Modern Methods of Mobility system.

Build your practical, everyday mobility through learning our methods, then apply it to the timeless feats of flexibility with the M3 Syllabus.  This bundle includes our two foundational programs and three specialty programs covering the front split, side split, and bridge.

The bridge, known as the ‘wheel pose’ in yoga, is one of the oldest documented expressions of flexibility. We deconstruct it into parts: shoulder, back, and hip mobility. Then we recombine them into your best bridge. We’re confident this is the most comprehensive bridge program on the internet – so regardless of your level you’ll have all the tools you need to build your best bridge!

Our first two programs, Flexibility Foundations – Upper Body and Flexibility Foundations – Lower Body are out now!

These programs are focus on improving your practical, everyday mobility and lay the ‘foundation’ for advanced flexibility training.

Achieve the stunning feat of flexibility – the Head-to-Toe.  Our methods have unlocked this range for hundreds of adults since we introduced them 7 years ago – and are now compiled for the first time into an easy-to-follow program! Now expanded to included the Standing Split!

Get all the tools you’ll need to achieve the square-hip front split. Address your individual sticking points to systematically increase your split depth – whether you’re just starting out or trying to drop those last couple inches to the ground.

Learn the methods to unlock a flat side/middle split. Through developing the correct alignment, muscular activation and specific strength, you will quickly develop your split – whether you’re just starting out or trying to drop those last couple inches to the ground.

Shake off that self-limiting label of being ‘inflexible’ – learn the methods that actually build mobility for adults.  Our Forward Fold program introduces a variety of novel range-of-motion development techniques that can get anyone to touch their toes and go beyond…to palms-to-ground…and even wrists-past-toes!

After years of research and experimentation, and using the system with his students and clients, Emmet has now formalised the M3 system in a way that makes it applicable to anyone wanting to achieve extraordinary flexibility, and to those that want to use these methods with their own clients.

Starting as a collection of highly effective methodologies for developing flexibility, it continues to evolve to include both cutting edge and ancient flexibility techniques, nothing is disregarded as long as it works. In this same spirit, the Modern Methods of Mobility online Modules will give insights into both the theory and application of the system, achieving safe and efficient flexibility results with people of all ages and training backgrounds.

Why Online Programs?

The Modern Methods of Mobility have previously only been available exclusively in our international, in-person seminars, or bespoke online coaching – but with the M3 Online Programs you’ll be able to access this material on your computer or phone, learn the theory and practice in your own space, to achieve extraordinary flexibility results.

While Emmet has put out tons of free material regarding flexibility training through his YouTube Channel, his podcasts the Handstandcast and Bendability,  articles and training routines on his website and speaking at international conferences, the full M3 online syllabus will tie all of this information together in a comprehensive and practical manner.

However, if you are looking for a more tailored experience with form critiques and feedback, we do still offer Online Coaching for those with specific goals not met by our programs.

The M3 online programs are produced by the same team that have already produced the Handstand Factory online programs with Mikael Kristiansen and Emmet Louis for learning the art of handbalancing online. You can find out more about Handstand Factory here.

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