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Flexibility work itself seems to have an aura of mystery surrounding it, that can make it inaccessible to people who just want to increase their quality of life and movement capacity. One of the biggest limiting factors in adults gaining flexibility is their belief that they can’t actually gain flexibility. Which is just simply not true. Here we provide freely accessible material on flexibility development should, if applied correctly, be able to dispel that belief for anyone willing to be proven otherwise.

The Modern Methods of Mobility System

Modern Methods of Mobility is a system of flexibility development aimed at the adult body. The main focus of the system is on delivering a concise and direct path to developing all aspects of flexibility while synergistically enhancing strength and body control.

Tracking Progress in Flexibility Development

There’s a general binary thinking on how flexibility is measured, either you can or you cannot. Yet the reality is there is much more nuance to flexibility development. We've outlined 6 ways we use to track progress, which can help keep you from losing hope and abandoning programming that is actually still working for you.

The Basics of Partner Stretching

Partner stretching is one of the most effective ways to develop or increase range of motion. Selective use of skilled partners will exponentially speed up your progress since doing so will shift the environment to one more conducive to flexibility development.

The Back Bridge

If you struggle developing your bridge, it could be your training methods instead of some inherent physical barrier. Here's how the M3 approach differs, resulting in consistent, bendy bridges.